What a Weekend, a wedding , market and artist in residence!!!!

What a weekend in Britain!!!

Yes the royal wedding was on in which i did see at the Woodbridge Creative arts -Makers market on Saturday, From everything for glass to tables ,a lovely monthly event deep in wodbridge at the shire hall.Not very busy this month as it seemed everyone was watching it in different places but always fun to do with friends.

On Friday i was very proud and honored to be the artist in residence at the wonderful folk night at a lovely pub in Suffolk at FOLK AT THE FROIZE in Chillesford ,Suffolk.
This is a lovely venue and lots of folk music and the most wonderful food and company by the lovely David Grimwood. The band playing where SOUND TRADTION and their voices just blown me away.No instruments just pure voice in harmony.

At the Froize there is as well as the normal monthly events a extravaganza month in June, from film nights and comedy nights  … all topped off with a healthy dose of what Froize does best … food!

Really worth going to.